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I miss Amber, my Blythe doll!

Hello guys!

As you can see in the title, I really miss my lovely Amber! I have not seen her for almost four months! The thing is that I was really fond of this cute blythe face that I saw on Instagram. Luckily, I have a friend who knows someone who cutomizes dolls! How cool was that!

So I immediately contacted her and we made our deal - Great! We had our transaction last week of March, but then, until today (July ) apparently, she still have not finished it yet. I personally handed my precious Amber to her. By the way, I only had my Blythe doll with me for less than a week because I ordered her online and had to wait for about 2 weeks for her to arrive in our country. So you know the feels, right!?

She promised that it would only take her about two weeks, the most is three(?) weeks (I am not so sure), but one this is for sure - that it won't take her a whole month to make it. As a crafter my self (I am by no means a Pro, for that matter), I understand that it would really take more t…

Frog hat for Minette

Hello everyone!

For those of you who follow me on Instagram, you may have seen this already. Anyway, here is the crochet frog hat! 

I have been wanting to make animal hats because they are just so adorable! I really can't decide what to do first. I thought why not make something out of my leftover yarns! So, I dug through my yarns stash and found this really cute shade of green yarn. I thought of animals with green color and the first idea that came into my mind is a frog! And the shade of the green yarn is just perfect! Don't you think?

Here are some pictures!
As you can see the arms are quite longer than normal froggy arms. I made it like so because I thought it is just so cute that way. I am really tempted to make it longer but I am happy with this length. I thought that it would be nice if the flappy arm could be wrapped around the doll's neck, perfect for winter look! Too bad we don't have snow in our country.

The flaps or arms have little froggy fingers because of cou…

Cony and Brown from Line


Remember Snoopy amigurumi? I was commissioned to make him by Miss Roxanne. Yeah, so now, she asked me again (yay!) to make another amigurumi for her.
This time she wanted me to make keychain amigurumi. She wanted me to make Cony (the bunny) and Brown (the bear) from a sticker of Line, a pretty popular messenger app in Asia. Anyway, she wanted me to make these two particular stickers.
First thought that came into my mind was "Oh my gosh! They are so cute!" and I was really excited and I said yaaas! Then it hit me, "Oh wow! How where do I start?" But, I was really excited for these projects!

I knew it's going to be challenging for me because they are pretty small and they pretty detailed! This time I really want to make it like a normal-sized keychain, not an oversized one (like what kind of happened to the Snoopy amigurumi). I had lots of fun making them.

The one with the XOXO was pretty much easier than the one with the bento. The bento, OMG! It could actually b…

Amber Update! My Blythe doll

Amber Update!

So, as promised, here are some pictures of my little Blythe doll sweetheart, Amber! Yaaay!

I was really excited when I got her. We actually went to pick her up on our way to the office that morning. When I got home, I immediately played with her and took some pictures. As you can see with my last post, Blythe doll, Amber
After playing with her, I started sketching the first outfit I would make for her. Unfortunately, I can't seem to find where my sketch is after making the dress! (Typical me >_< ) I will update you if ever I find it.  
I decided to make a white doll dress with white high-waist short underneath. The front of the skirt is shorter and the back is longer, but not too long. I used a portable sewing machine on the upper part of the dress. The sleeves and the skirt are hand-sewn because I am not really good with handling the sewing machine. I find it hard to use especially with the round shapes.
I actually made a lot of mistakes! The first batch I made w…

Blythe doll, Amber

Hey! Hey hey!

I got myself a Blythe doll! Yay! I'be been wanting to make dresses for Blythe dolls for a long time now and finally, my chance! :)

I'd like to intruduce to you, Amber! Here are some of her pictures!

Isn't she pretty!?! The yellow dress and the red shoes came with her. She has a default Blythe body. I named her Amber because of the color of her hair. It reminds me of amber. I really like the over-sized aqua ribbon of that dress. Don't you just love how it looks on her! 

By the time I post this, I'd already have some handmade clothes for her. This post is kind of late already but I thought I'd introduce to you my dolls in order of who I got first.    

I'm really glad I was able to find someone who sells this type of doll and can deliver to my country. It's really hard to find these kinds of dolls and way too expensive if I buy it here. I found some stores online and a lot of them are from abroad. I was too scared to try and order online and …

Friendship bracelet menu bar! Yay!

Hi! This is where you can find my friendship bracelets posts. Most of my recent posts are friendship bracelet related and I've noticed that my gallery is getting kind of cluttered. So I've decided to add a separate page just for my friendship bracelets! 

Click this link below: (you can also find it on the menu bar)
Friendship Bracelet

Do you have any suggestions or questions? Please leave them on the comments section.

Have a great day! Cheers!

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