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Shaped Zigzag Bracelet

Hi, everyone! Here is the zigzag-shaped pattern friendship bracelet! Another friendship bracelet that I've made. I've decided to use cool colors for most of the threads so that the red thread would pop out.
I used Monaco mercerized yarn thread to make this friendship bracelet. I also chose to braid the ends for easy adjusting. If you want to use buttons for closure, you should make sure to know the right measurement.
If you are a fan of colorful bracelet, this one is definitely for you!
So, what do you think? Hope you like it! Cheers! 🍻
P.S. Do you have particular friendship bracelet that you want me to do next? Let me know and I'll see if I can make it!
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Arrowhead Bracelet

Hello, everyone! This is an Arrowhead pattern friendship bracelet. I like to use open ends rather than buttons or beads for closure. I love buttons and beads, but with open ends you can easily adjust the tightness of the bracelet. Buttons or beads are advisable to use if you know the actual measurement of the person's wrist (who's going to wear the bracelet).  I've learned that after making the Leaves Pattern Bracelet which I'll be posting soon.
For the mean time, here's the arrowhead friendship bracelet. It's my first time making this particular pattern. I must say that you should be focused when making this because you might end up redoing your bracelet! 
For this friendship bracelet, I also used Monaco mercerized yarn thread.
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Ribbon Pattern: Blue-green and Violet

Hi everyone! I'm still enjoying making friendship bracelets! I chose blue-green and violet color combination for this ribbon pattern friendship bracelet. I have been making friendship bracelets lately and this is one of the first few ones that I've made. I gave this bracelet to a friend. She really liked the color combination of this bracelet. I'm so glad she liked it!
Like the other friendship bracelets that I've made, I used Monaco mercerized yarn thread for this friendship bracelet. I chose to just braid both ends for easy adjusting.
I hope you like it too! Cheers! 😍 Instagram ► 
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Chevron Necklace 2

Another chevron necklace! Inspired by the previous necklace that I've made, I made this necklace using different way of creating chevron pattern. 
You can see my previous chevron necklace here: Chevron Necklace and Bracelet
This time I made it thinner and I chose monochromatic colors. I chose coral colors for more feminine vibe, n contrast with my previous necklace. I  used Monaco mercerized yarn thread for this project. I want this pendant to be dainty so I thought I use thinner thread, but my yarn supply if limited so I used my thinnest yarn available.
What do you think? Hope you like it! Cheers! 🍻 Instagram ►  Facebook Page ►  Youtube ►