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Happy Sunday at Barkin' Blends!

It's a happy Sunday for me!

We've visited a dog cafĂ©, Barkin' Blends! It's so much fun! The doggos are sooo fluffy! Those dogs are so cute! It's so nice to have a break from time to time! 

They offer a cup coffe and 2 hour per person to cuddle with these cuties! We had to remove our shoes because no shoes are allowed in the play area which is really not a big deal for us. They provided us with slippers as we enter. 

We can't feed them food, for their protection (of course!) and we can't pick them up. The only food you can bring is your coffee. Aside from that, we are free to play with every dog in there! We're so happy that Smile, the pug, was there too! I've always wanted to see a pug upclose! These furry friends there are so sweet! To name a few, there were Huskies, Labrador, Poodles, Shih Tzu, Dalmatian, Shar Pei and a lot more! We're kind of sad we haven't met the Corgi and the Frenchie! Still, It was all worth it!! We will be visiting this …

Strawberry Doughnut and Guts!

Strawberry doughnut, anyone? I had a few days off! While surfing the net, I stumbled upon some cute amigurumis! I was so inspired and finally decided to make one. :3
The cute little pug is Guts from #killLaKill, an awesome anime! I've made this crochet strawberry doughnut amigurumi keychain using the basic stitches. Tip:  I just added the "sprinkles" on top or the strawberry icing usinging a yarn that as a gradiation of colors. With this method, you will only need a skein or yarn! 
I believe I used redheart yarns for this strawberry doughnut amigurumi keychain. I used 3/0 aluminum crochet hook for this project. 
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Hello, everyone! This cute little guy here is Guts from the anime, #KillAKill. He's so bubbly and a glutton! Can you resist those puppy eyes? :3
I decided to make amigurumi version of him! I like how his toungue sitcks out! Manta actually suggested it! I think it's so cute! oh, those big eyes! (^_^)
The were so many trial and errors making this amigurumi, especially the face! In particular, the jowls! It's the first time I've tried this method. I also have to come up with the pattern that would work so I can achieve the right shape. Also, I've never made an amigurumi with a hood before so it is quite a challenge for me. 
I'm so glad to finally finish this amigurumi project.  So, what do you guys think of this cutie? If you have any suggestions or comments, please eave them in the comments!

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