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I present to you, Ems-gurumi!  Ems-gurumi, was comissioned by Miss Roxanne. Remember the Snoopy amigurumi? She loved it so much and now she wanted me to do another amigurumi for her. I was so happy since it's the second crochet project I made for her. It was a gift for her friend - so sweet!
Ems is the name of her friend. She is a nurse with a big personality. She always wear bright colored lipstick, mostly red! She has long hair. She loves to tie with a fishtail style. Roxanne wanted this amigurumi to put emphasis on that. So the lips should be big! Also, Roxanne wanted her to carry an oversized syringe! 
I used Redheart yarns for this project. The crochet hook that I used was 3/0 aluminum crochet hook. I used fiber fill for the stuffing. The eyes is made with a black yarn. 

As you can see Ems-gurumi has a very defined red lips as Miss Roxanne has reuqested. Also she's carrying a very large syringe and a scrub suit - nurse! A fishtail for her hair and a cute little blue bow to to…


I miss my hook.. Haven't done a lot of crochet projects lately. For the meantime, I present to you this cute little fella - Doraemon!

I've made this during the fourth quarter of last year, as a request by a friend. He heard I was making amigurumies and I showed him some of the amigurumies that I've made and he liked them! So he asked if I can make one for him too. He love Doraemon so he asked me to make Doraemon amigurumi.
I used redheart yarn for the main color, the blue yarn. I also used redheart yarn for the white and black yarn. For the red and yellow yarn, I used Monaco yarn. I believe I used 3/0 aluminum crochet hook for this  project. I also added the chains so he can use it as a keychain! The stuffing for that I used was fiber fill.

I am so glad he liked it! We took a selfie with him but I don't have the copy of our photo :(
Anyway, I hope you like it! Have a nice day, cheers! 🍻

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