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Snoopy Amigurumi

This cute amigurumi was commissioned by Miss Roxanne as a gift for her friend. She wanted to give something special. My friend, who comissioned me to make Rasta-Pats amigurumi, showed her the amigurumi that I made for him. She liked it so much! For that reason, she contacted me and asked if I can make snoopy amigurumi. 
Knowing that I would be making amigurumi version of Snoopy, I was really excited! I used to collect Snoopy items when I was a kid. I am a fan! So, I agreed immediately. I was really worried at first because I'm a little loaded at work recently, so It would take much longer to finish this amigurumi. I'm glad she was okay with it. She wanted me specifically todo it. I am really flattered that she appriciates my craft! :)
For the materials, I used red heart chunky yarns for this amigurumi project. I used 5/0 aluminum crochet hook. For the stuffing, I used fiber fill.
Originally, it was supposed to be just as big as Guts (the one on his right at the buttom of the pict…