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Popcorn Bracelet

Popcorn BraceletI saw this popcorn stitch as I was watching various tutorials online. It is so cool! I like the fact that it is protruding! It's kind of funny to me, but I love it! It is so cute! I like how the stitches pop out. I immediately want to make some crochet project using this pattern! What more could be easier than a simple bracelet, right!? 

I used gray yarn color from redheart and a green button as a closure. Please excuse the quality of the photos. I plan on making more projects using this lovely stitch. If you have any suggestions please let me know! I would really appreciate it.  Thank you in advance!

Have a nice day! :)

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Blue Shell Bracelet with Flower :3

Blue Shell BraceletwithFlower :3I've been wanting to try the shell stitch pattern. I love how easy you can make this stitch and it would turn out so pretty! It would look good on most yarn types! I think it would still look good even with the chunky yarns. 

I want to try and make something using this stitch so I thought of making a bracelet! I used a Monaco yarn with pastel blue color for this one. With the flower, I also used a white Monaco yarn and dyed it to make it light brown. 

I saw a DIY tutorial on youtube on how to dye a yarn using only coffee!  Maybe it's just me, but I find it difficult. It would take a few repeats for the color of the coffee to be absored to the yarn. When it's finally time to let it dry, I had no idea how because it was not shown on the tutorial. I tried hanging the yarn, which is not a good idea if you want your color to be even. The yarn that was close to the clip was lighter and the hanging yarns are darker. It wasn't that bad too! I actu…

Reversible Beanie

Reversible BeanieMy first beanie!!! I got this free crochet pattern from Red Heart. I was having difficulty choosing the color for the yarn but I decided to go for gray and red. I like the gray and red combination and thought it would look cute with this pattern. I like how simple the pattern is. It was so easy to follow even for beginners like me!

I love the fact that it's reversible. I basically made two looks with just one pattern! Great! I plan on making more of these beanie with different color combinations.

By the way, I used red heart yarns for this beanie, both the red and the gray yarn. Unfortunately, I was not able to note the details for the yarn ( typical me! ) I'm pretty sure I used 5/0 aluminum hook althrought the project. I also needed a needle to saw beanies together. If it's not yet obvious, the red and gray were made separately and then sewn together.

The days that I've enjoyed this beanie for myself was short-lived because my sister asked (begged!) if s…

Clementine Orange Amugurumi

Clementine Orange Amigurumi :3 Orange anyone? I present you this clementine orange amigurumi! It is approximately 3 1/2inches tall.
I have been watching Adventure Time ( Cartoon Network) lately and I want to make an Adventure Time-inspired amigurumi! Since their characters are mostly food, I decided to make an orange with a cute face!
I've had the hang of making spherical-like shapes now so this time, making the head (which is pretty much his whole body at the same time!) is a lot easier for me. I've added the leaves at the top, so it would look more like an orange!
I used an orange redheart yarn for the main head, white for the mouth and green yarn for the leaves! For the eyes, I used black buttons (I'm quite sure it's a button, forgot what it's called). I hope you like it! Do you want me to make other food with cute faces? Leave it in the comments!

Here are some more pictures of this cutie! ^_^

Oh look! This little fella is with Tiny White Totoro! How cute is that! ^_^

Tiny White Totoro

Tiny White Totoro

It's the tiny white Totoro!!!  This Tiny-White-Totoro is approximately 7cm in height,  5.5cm circumference (tail not included).

I am a fan of Hayao Miyazaki! I love Studio Ghibli! One of my favorite is Totoro! I plan on making the Big Gray Totoro in the future but for now, I present to you this cutie!! I used white redheart yarn for this amigurumi. Also, I used fiber fill as a stuffing. Most of the materials I used are bought from National Bookstore. I'm lucky enough to have this store close to where I live! 

Making this amigurumi, I had to redo a lot because it's tummy has to be just a little bigger in circumference than his head. Lucky for me this lovely character has some pretty basic shapes, mostly round, so there's not much problem. I just added the tail and the ears afterwards. And then the eyes! Its basically a white felt cut in circles and black beads as the iris. I love how it turned out! 

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RavnessMeet Ravness, my first original character amigurumi doll!!.. ^_____^ She is approximately 15 inches in height.

She is a kawaii ninja! She is exceptional in fighting! She's pretty fast, agile, and intelligent! She mastered every skills of a ninja except this very basic thing. She's having trouble hiding and blending in, like other ninjas do, because of her bright pink hair! 

She is the first doll that I made from scratch. For a beginner like me, it's so challenging to make my own pattern! I wanted to make my own doll with my own pattern for a lone time now. 
Thanks  for helping me with the character design..:3   The doll itself is not really detailed so it was pretty simple. She has a plain black dress with a light pink trimming. Her body type is a linguine doll. She have long legs and slim long hands too! She is wearing a pink knee-high socks with black trimming. She is also wearing plain black shoes.
I was able to write to write the pattern…

oversized scrunshie

I saw a scrunchie on the web and I thought it was pretty and showed it to my friend!!! Personally, I'm not really a fan of tying my hair up so I did not really consider much of making a scrunchie for my crochet projects until my friend asked me to do so! 
She ties her pretty often and asked if I can make one for her. Of course, why not! So I went and search for a free crochet scrunchie pattern! Fortunately for me, there are a lot of free patterns for this crochet project so I didn't had to make one from scratch! To all of you, who give out free patterns, really, THANK YOU!! I really appologize if I can't credit the creator of this pattern. (I can't remember the links. I wrote down the pattern and forgot to take note of the reference. That's why I find it hard to look for the same pattern again! ) XD 
This scrunchy is approximately 5 1/2" in diameter and 2 1/2" width. The yarns that I used are leftover yarns from my other crochet projects. I thought it would…

Amigurumi Teddy

My furst amigurumi! Teddy!!

Yay! I made my own little cute teddy! It is approximately 6 inches in height. I got a book with amigurumi patterns in it and one of them is this cute teddy! I got the yarns that I needed, some brown yarns and white yarns, and other materials too! A pair of scissors, needles, and  some fiber fills! Alright!! 

When I was about to make this teddy bear amigurumi, I realized there is no written pattern.. only diagrams! Gosh! I was NOT prepared for that! I can't understand diagrams! I am really having trouble reading diagrams! I can only understand written patterns. What a shame! I was all set. Materials are ready, but no pattern! (Well, there was but the ones I could not understand!) I decided to man up and just make my own pattern! ( By pattern I mean, scribbles,  only I could understand!) Lol xD

Unfortunately, I was not able to keep my pattern (sorry!). I used fiber fill for stuffing, by the way. And for the details on the face, out of curiosity, I thought I …

Green socks with white scallop

Yes, green socks!

I love socks! This is my first attempt to make one. I looked for references of cute socks online. I was to supposed to follow one of the patterns that I got from, but I don't remember what went wrong. I have poor memory. I don't remember what row I was working on. So, I've decided to make my own pattern. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to write it down. LOL 
I used a yarn with gradating colors from green to white ( or vise versa). It's actually my first time making a crochet project  with an existing pattern. I did not know the technical terms yet. I had to loop it up and had to stop every time I do so. I should have read and watched more video tutorials before starting! I was waaaaay too excited and went straight ahead and started making these socks! 
The first half, I was actually doing fine until I eventually don't remember where I stopped! I decided to continue without the pattern and make it look like a sock! I had to redo a lot be…