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Hi there! 
My boyfriend posted this photo on his 9gag account. I am overwhelmed by the up-votes he got! I am so happy to see that many people at liked my Finn and Marceline amigurumi!

I'm quite surprised with their comments. Some of the comments are so funny. Really, thank you to those who appreciate my craft. And still, thank you to those who don't. This really made me happy.

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Black Oval Earrings

Black Oval EarringsAgain, this pair is one of the first few crochet projects I've made. Also this is the first one that I used wire and beads. As you can see, it is not perfectly shaped, but I want to share it anyway. LOL
I attached the beads after I finished  covering the wires with stitches. I basically used single crochet stitches for this earrings. I used black Monaco mercerized yarn thread, black beads and earing hooks!

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Aqua Blue Earrings

Aqua Blue EarringsFirst attempt to make craochet earrings! This is actually one of the first few crochet projects I made. I am so excited to make crochet accessory projects soon.
My roommate really liked it! She is fond of colorful accessories. I gave it to her knowing it would be in good hands! 
I used mercerized yarn thread  in aqua and 5 steel hook. I believe the pattern was from There are a lot of patterns you can find there for free! Amazing!

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Totoro Amigurumi

TotoroLike I said before, I'm a fan of Hayao Miyazki! I love his work on Studio Ghibli! I was only able to make the tiny white totoro before. Recently, a friend comissioned me to make the full size, Gray Totoro. She wanted to give it her special someone. To make it extra special, I used Milk Cotton yarn for this project. This actually the biggest amigurumi I have made so far! 
I enjoyed making this amigurumi. I love Totoro and the yarn is so soft and smooth! Perfect for Totoro! I used gray yarn for the main color and white yarn for the timmy and eyes. Black for other details like the whiskers, the nose and that tiny little lips! :)
The separation anxiety was so hard on this one! I tend to get attached to every amigurumi I made.
As requested, here is My Neighbor Totoro with Tiny White Totoro!

So cuddly and soft! <3 <3 <3
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Tiny-Blue-OctopusI saw short story of this cute little creature! It was love at first sight! Of course I had to make one too! This tiny octopus is 2 inches tall and it's name isBlooper! The Orange Creature's name is Garfy
The yarn that I used for the octopus was a redheart yarn. I believe I used 3/0 aluminum crochet hook for the octopus amigurumi. She is now adopted by a  good friend.

And, this green little guy here is Goowie. He was also adopted by a friend. I know he's in good hands!

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Manta Ray for Manta

Greetings from this cutie fella! :3

I made this Manta Ray amigurumi for Josh, a.k.a Manta. He loves manta rays! This one's so  cute with its wiggly eyes! I glued the eyes on the amigurumi. Tip: you could mark the area where you want you eyes to be so that later when you glue them you'll know just where to place the eyes. For the eyes, you could also use button instead or any materials you want.

I used gray and white yarn from redheart. The stitches that I used are pretty basic. I wasn't able to write the pattern, though. If you want me to make patterns please let me know! 

Cheers! 🍻

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Adventure Time!!! As requested, I made Marceline and Finn! My supervisor heard that I was making amigurumi and so he commissioned me to make Finn and Marceline! Apparently, his daughter is also a fan of Adventure Time! I was so excited because I can finally make Mar-Mar and Finn earlier than I was planning to! Awesome! 

He wanted this to be extra special. of course, it's a surprise gift for his daughter! So, I used Excel yarns for this project. I really wish I could make more projects with these types of yarn! It's really smooth and soft! 🤤 I used 3/0 aluminum crochet hook.

I really enjoyed doing these amigurumi because I'm a fan of Adventure Time! Oh, there is our buddy, Jake, which I made a few months ago! 

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