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Mew and Chibi Totoro

Early last year, I've made these babies. Yaaaas, Mew and Chibi Totoro! :3 
I decided to make a Mew amigurumi because this legendary pokemon is just so cute! Besides, I wanted to try using a wire for the rig of the tail (kind of like a skeleton) so that I can have more control over the pose. 
For Mew's eyes, I used a white felt. I asked my partner to draw the eyes for me ( haha ). 
Chibi Totoro, however, was requested by a friend of mine. She saw the first Totoro crochet that I've made and she immediately fell in love with it. So, I've decided to make a chibi version of Totoro for her.
The pattern was similar to the Tiny White Totoro that I've made. Here's Chibi Totoro's profile view. 
Here's the photo of Chibi Totoro that she tagged for me.

I'm so glad that she liked it. :3 I hope uou like it too! Cheers! 🍻
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