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Minette Photo Update

Here are some of the pictures that I took this afternoon. I thought that it's a good weather outside and it would make a good lighting for the pictures. Also, I found this cute ring that  I bought a few months ago. I thought  of using it as a cuff bracelet for this outfit. Suits her well! Ye-pee! (^^)~~
Here are some photos featuring the black denim pants that I made, the pink crochet blouse and the green bonnet!
I just wish I was able to pose her body more! It was kind of limiting to have this body type for photography. Nevertheless, it was really a fun photo shoot!
If you have any tips, suggestion, please leave them in the comments!
I hope you like them too! Cheers! 🍻

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Blush on bag - Free Flower Pattern

Blush on bag for my sister. She had this blush on but she misplaced the cover so I thought of making a mini bag for her. I know she didn't think I would really do it but her it is! I chose yellow for the main color because it's her favorite! I also used pink and light yellow to add more color to this bag. I hope she likes it. :)

Free patterns for the flower!

st - stitch
ch - chain
dc - double crochet
tc - treble crochet
sp - space
inc - increase
() - you crochet in the same space
FO - fasten off

I made the flowers in continuous rounds. There's no need to join with sl st unless otherwise stated.

Pink Flower
1. 6 sc in a magic ring
2. Inc each st around
3. [(Ch 2, dc, tc, dc), sc in next sp] around. FO

Light Yellow Flower
1. 6 sc in a magic ring
2. Inc each st around. FO

I used redheart yarns, both for the pink and yellow yarn. The crochet hook I used was 5/0 aluminum hook.

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Totoro and Totoro! ^^

Weee! ^^ I found this picture that I took a few months ago while I was browsing through my files. It's Totoro and Totoro! On the left side is actually a fluffy bag that I purchased and on the right is a crochet Totoro that I made. This made me smile. 
Here is the link to my Totoro amigurumi:
I really want to make crochet Totoro for my self, but I barely have time! For now, I'll just cherish this photo and wish! Haha
Have a nice day! Cheers! 🍻

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Pink Blouse and Denim Pants!

Ye-hey! I finally made denim pants for Minette and a pink blouse! I really enjoyed making the pants a lot. It brought back memories from my childhood. You see, my sister and I used to dress up our dolls. I would make dresses and she would "buy" it from my "shop". Ahhh.. 
I made the pants from my old jeans. I didn't have a sewing machine yet so I tried to sew this by hand! I'm also not good with sewing (haha) but I really enjoy it! I want to make a loooot of doll dresses and costumes! Just thinking about it makes me giggle!  
I used pink Monaco mercerized yarn thread to crochet this blouse. I like how it turned out! I had to stop from time to time to checck if the blouse is a perfect fit for her.
Anyways, I hope you like it! :)

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Rasta-Pats Amigurumi

This amigurumi doll was comissioned by a friend. He wanted to have his own "mini-me", so he sketched this character design himself. :)
I used redheart yarn for the skin color, red and yellow yarn. Monaco yarn for the black, white, green and dark brown. The green, yellow and red yarn for the headband, black yarn for the sunglasses, hair and the shirt. The cigarette was made with white yarn for the main color, a little bit of black and red yarn for the bunt area. 
I used 3/0 aluminum crochet hook for this project. The stuffing that I used for was fiber fill.
I enjoyed making this amigurumi doll because it was refreshing to make male doll for a change! I mean, I made Ebi amigurumi but it looked almost genderless. 
I'm so glad that my friend, Pats, really loved him! 
 Hope you like him! Cheers! 🍻

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Bonnet for Minette

Bonnet for Minette! A quick crochet bonnet for Minette. I decided to use green yarn for this bonnet. I have wanted to make a doll bonnet with this color! Iwanted this to be lacy. I was too carried away that I forgot to write the pattern! 
I don't know what this yarn is because it was given to me by my mom. It was from her stack of yarns. This yarn is slightly thinner and lighter than mercerized yarn thread. 
 Hope you like it! Cheers! 🍻

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Blue Accessory Crochet Balls

These accessory crochet balls are commissioned by my sister's friend. She loves making handmade accessories and other crafts. She asked me to make some for her and she wanted it blue, so it is! I'm so glad she liked it! :)
I used Mercerized yarh thread for this crochet balls. Instead of fiber fill, I used wooden round beads. The hook I used is 5 steel crochet hook.
It was fun making these balls! 
Cheers! 🍻

This her finished project! It's so cute! I love the combination of colors she used for this necklace! So pretty! 

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Blue Cellphone Bag

This blue cellphone bag was comissioned by a friend.  He specifically asked for these colors. I used seed stitch for this bag. 

I used Monaco yarn for the purple and Redheart yarn for the dark blue yarn. And a black round buttong for closure. 

I was so excited to make this pouch beacause I have not done bag crochet project for a while. This bag is pretty simple. He wanted it to be simple. :)

I hope you like it! Cheers!! 🍻

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PIWI Amigurumi

I named this doll PIWI simply because this is commissioned to me by a friend and her nickname is Piwi. The spelling changed sometimes. At times she use Peewee, sometimes Piwi or Peews, etc. I guess she doesn't really mind the spelling that much. 

Anyway, she sketched the character design herself. She has this backpack that matches the color of her shirt. I liked the idea of her PIWI having this backpack! And so, as you can see, she can add or remove the backpack. I think she would appreciate it if she can wear the bag or not. It really depends on her.

I used redheart yarn for this project - brown, pink, black and white yarns. I also used Monaco black mercerized yarn for the detail on her shirt. The stuffing I used was fiber fill.

I was nervous to give it to her because it's actually the first detailed amigurumi that was requested to me. I made Marceline and Finn amigurumi but they don't have as much detail as this one. It was quiet challenging for me because I am a beginner t…


Hi everyone! 
Meet Minette! I had been wanting to have this doll and make stuff for her!  She already had a name but I didn't like it so I named her Minette. I am so excited for the upcoming projects I would be making for her! 

I made these vest and dress last month,just a quick crochet. I added a velcro at the back instead of a zipper. 

The pattern for the dress and the vest was made by yours truly! I plan on making more doll dresses and accessories! 

I hope you like it! Cheers 🍻

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This tiny amigurumi was comissioned to me by a friend from work. He saw the Marceline and Finn amigurumi that I made for our supervisor's daughter and wanted an amigurumi for himself too. 

He wanted the look of the characters in the animated film, 9. He had no particular design in mind. He just wanted the look of the film so I sketched out a design for him ( illustration on the left side of the picture). He liked it and that's it! I just added the loop so he can attach it to his bag! 

I hope you like it! Cheers! 🍻

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