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Instagram Bag

Finally, it is finished! Ye-hey! Done with the +Instagram bag! ^_^ The pattern for this bag is my original pattern, and the design is inspired by the Instagram logo.

I am so glad that one of my WORKS in progress got finished! I' m happy that It got chosen by my friend to be a gift for his special someone! 

I used Monaco yarn for the dark brown, cream, red, blue and yellow colors. Redheart yarn for the red, green and black colors. 

I did basic stitches for most of the parts of the bag. What I did to the sling of the bag is called popcorn stitch. 

I've added a floral cloth lining and a brown zipper to match. And, of course,  the strap to finish this piece!

A friend of mine requested for a little detail at the back because it will be his gift for his girlfriend. I'm so happy for them! I hope she likes it!:)

I hope you like it! Cheers!! šŸ»

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Small Pouch with Heart CharmI saw this awesome pouch online and I wanted to try and make one too! The pattern for both, the pouch and the heart, can be found at The heart is from the pattern for the heart earrings, but I like to use it as a charm for this pouch. I used a mercerized thread both for the pouch and the heart charm. For the heart charm, I used red mercerized yarn thread and for the pouch, I used mercerized yarn thread with gradation or color white, gray and black. 
This pouch is easy to make, recommended for beginners! You don't need to join ends together. You can see details on the pattern that I've found on the link above.
Have a nice day! :)

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Light blue lace bracelet

Light Blue Lace BraceletIsn't it pretty!?! I looove laces! The moment I saw this stitch I immediately wanted to try and make some crochet projects using this stitch! I got this pattern at I thought of making a bracelet from the pattern.

I used a light blue or pastel blue color Monaco yarn. I believe I used 5/0 aluminim crochet hook for this project. To make this bracelet, follow the instructions of the link that I gave you above and repeat as much as you need until you achieved your desired length. I also added two blue buttons as closure. To match the color of this cuff, I chose darker blue colored buttons.

Hope you like it! Cheers! :)

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White HD Case with Black Skull AppliquĆ©Remember the pink mini bag? Yeah, this is now the case for Josh! This is an original design and pattern made for Josh. He requested the black skull appliquĆ©.

He wanted it to be a simple so I've decided to use one main color for the case. He also wanted the bag to have a skull element. I used black Redheart yarn for the skull and white for as the main color of the bag. He also asked if I could use zipper instead of a button closure. This project is actually my first time adding zipper to a crochet! I seen the zipper on the inner part of the mini bag. 

He is now using it as a case for his PSP and sometimes his external drive :)

Cheers! šŸ»

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Yarn.. yarn..yarn..

Yarn.. yarn..yarn..
I am so happy today! I bought new set of yarn.. so excited to do my next project..hihihihih :3

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Adventure Time: JakeI looooove Adventure Time! Finn is so cool and Jake is so awesome! Of course I want to make amigurumi versions of them! I got this pattern from The Bean Patch blog, but I modified the mouth a bit and I've added his nose. Also, Finn plushie (upper right), was given to me by Josh

I used yellow redheart yarn as the main color, white Monaco Yarn for the eyes and black yarn for the black outline of the eyes and the nose. I used 3:0 aluminum crochet hook for this project. The stuffing that I used was fiber fill. The size is perfect for a keychain! In fact I am using it as a keychain now! Yeah yeah!!

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Pink Mini Bag

This is actually my very first crocheted project and my first original bag pattern.I was practicing the basic stitches and I didn't know what to make so I decided to make a bag.. Which turned out to be a case that was supposed to be for Josh's HD but I realized used a pink yarn, so I just made another one for him. To make the story short, It ended up being my HD case. lol

It is basically single crochet stitches.  This is literally the veeeeery first crochet project that I've made. I was just not able to post it first. :3

I used pink redheart yarn all throughout. The crochet hook that I used was 3/0 aluminum crochet hook. I added red, round button as a closure. Anyway, I was able to create the whole so the button to fit by skipping a few stitches. Make sure that the hole is a little smaller than the button (or any closure you choose, if you decide to make one like this too).

Hey, if you want me to show you detailed instruction for this, I'll try and make another one, just …

WIP Instagram bag

Instagram BagI am currently working on this instagram bag. My friend's brother just got home from overseas and he wanted to surprise his girlfriend with something handmade! He knew that I was making crochet and asked me to make something for her. I showed him what I'm currently working on. 
If it's not yet obvious, I am working on an iInstagram bag!!! I love instagram! I am on instagram most of the time! 
Anyway, he immediately wanted that bag for his girlfriend! Perfect! Now I can continue working on my existing Work In Progress!
I will post update as soon as I finish this. 
Cheers! :)
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RED: Heart, Bow, Rosette

Heart and Bow.. rosettePractice.. practice.. practice I just love bows and heart!
I am practicing crocheting with smaller yarn size and smaller hook! The perfect project for this is a small heart and small bow! What could be more dainty than that? 
I wanted to try and make accessories out of mini crochet stuff so I made this mini heart as the main pendant. I've added a small flower. For the mini heart, I used a red mercerized thread and for the flower, I used mercerized thread with yellow to orange(vise versa) color gradiation. I also added small, round, black beads for the flower. 
For the bow, it is composed of basic stitches and a plain red mercerized yarn thread. There are a lot of bow tutorials online! You won't have a hard time searching for it! Promise! If you want to know how I made the bow, please leave it on the comments section. 
I believe I used 5 steel hook all throughout. Attaching the heart to the chain, position where you want it to be. Also with the bow, place it w…

friendship bracelets

Simple BraceletI made these simple bracelets, along with the Crisscross bracelet,  as a gift for my friends.  I wasn't able to take a picture of the other bracelets that I have made because I was too excited to give 'em.

The stitches that I'ved used for this arm candies are basic sitch. I used purple yarn from redheart and gradiation of blue yarn also from redheart. I've added the blackbeads with white stripe details. One is cylindrical and the other is square. I bought these beads from Expressions. 
Purple Bracelet for Naanand blue bracelet for Jaymar.
Anyways, here they are:

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Crisscross Green BraceletI love cuff bracelets so I thought of making one! This is my original pattern and design. Unfortunately I haven't written the pattern while I was working on this bracelet. I used green yarn from redheart. Also, I used 3/0 aluminim crochet hook for this project. I've added black button as a closure. It has a crisscross detail and simple stitches. I want this bracelet to be simple yet still have details. If however you want the pattern instead, I could work on it and possibly write it for you. If you have any suggestions, leave it in the comment! :)

If you want this bracelet, I can make one for you.  Send me a private message

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Kuroi Neko :3Meet Kuroi Neko! This cute little cat is approximately 4 inches tall. It's a pretty small amigurumi. This could be a keychain. It's my first kitty amigurumi.
I made it as a tribute to the first kitty I ever pet! It was during my college days that I actually touched a cat! He was a stray cat in our campus. He has a shiny black fur! He seemed sweet so I manned up and pet him! :3

I used black yarn as his main color and white yarn for for the feet. I also used white sewing thread for the mouth and the whiskers.  The crochet hook I used was 5 steel hook all throughout. I used white felt for the eyes and ears. I am not really good with cuttting  so I asked to help me with the eyes. I attached the cut felt using a fabric glue. I let it dry overnight. :3

Here are some of the photos of the real Kuroi Cat :3

Such a sweetheart! >^.^<
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