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Chevron Necklace and Bracelet

Hi!  I want to share this crochet chevron necklace I've made! Also, my first friendship bracelet!  I've always wanted to try and make accessories! 
I've always wanted to make friendship bracelets but I was intimidated by their pattern. I finally had the courage to try and make one! I mean, I already have the materials so why not try, right!? 
I was inspired with the beautiful accessories that I saw while I was browsing through the net. So I thought I would make one. And so here's the chevron necklace and this friendship bracelet, also in chevron pattern.  By the way, I used Monaco yarn thread for the crochet necklace and for the friendship bracelet. 

I wanted to use vibrant colors for this necklace. So I chose these colors - Aqua, Red and Light Brown.

I used blue button for ending this friendship bracelet. As you can see I also used different colors of yarn. No particular color scheme used.

 Hope you like it! :)

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Pug Cupcake Amigurumi

A pug cupcake amigurumi that I've made yesterday for Manta. He loves pugs so much! Since his birthday is coming soon,I thought of making something for him. I'm glad he likes it!
I am really picky with the color of the yarn I use for my amigurumi. I ran out of color the 4ply bulky yarn for the skin so I had to use the thinner yarn type! I spent the whole day crocheting just the head! Gosh! I was not prepared for that! It's my first time crocheting this type of yarn. After the head, everything was easier.
For the eyes, I used wiggly eyes!! I think it's perfect because pugs have goofy eyes!  The cupcake part, I used 4ply  Monaco yarn. I tried the basic Tunisian  stitch for the cupcake wrapper. I've made it! Ye-hey! It was really intimidating for me beacause the way you make tunisian is different from usual crochet. You can look it up! There are free video tutorials fo free!!! I used googly eyes for this mini amigurumi. I just glued it on the pug's face! So cute! 


Blue Bag and Red Beanie

I made this blue bag yesterday. Mom gave me some of the yarn she wasn't using and one unfinished project. It was a half circle; could be a cozy for a jar or something. I thought it would make a pretty bag for Minette! I love the color of it. I like this shade of blue! I have added small silver chains for the details and crochet chains of blue yarn for the strap.
The red beanie she's wearing was my project a few months ago. I was practicing with the pineapple pattern that I found in the internet. But unfortunately, I was not able to save the source of this pattern. I love how lacey it looks! And I'm so glad I used plain red yarn for this beanie! 
I believe the crochet bag was made with Monaco mercerized yarn thread because one of the yarns that my mom gave me had a very similar color (that's why I was able to add the strap! HahahxD ) for the red beanie, I used red Monaco mercerized yarn thread. 

I hope you like it!  Have a nice day, cheers! 🍻

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White Dress

Hi everyone! 
I want to share this white dress that I made for Minette the other day! I'm practicing sewing lately. I still don't have sewing machine so I had to sew this by hand. 

I'm not very familiar with the types of fabrics and I don't know what fabric is this either (I'm so sorry!) what I can show you is my concept! I made the plain white dress with a detachable sleeves. It can be worn with or without the sleeves. The length is a little above the knee. 
 Here's the back view of the dress with the little brown ribbon detail. I added the brown ribbon line to keep the sleeves from falling and for additional detail. :) As you can see, I made the sleeves removable. Basically this dress has three looks! It ca be worn without the sleeves as shown in the picture below. And,the sleeves can also be worn like an elegant arm warmer. Okay now. I got carried away taking pictures and got these cute little ladies beside Minette. On the left is Konata from Lucky Star and on th…