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Friendship Bracelets

Hi, everyone! I want to share another ribbon-patterned friendship bracelet variation. The pattern is not quiet visible because, unlike the previews ribbon bracelets I've made, I used different color for each thread for this bracelet.
I also used Monaco mercerized friendship bracelet for this friendship bracelet. I braided the both ends.  Usually, for the ribbon pattern, you only need two sets of color.  Here are some of the ribbon-patterned bracelets I've made.

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Zigzag Friendship Bracelet

First of all, happy new year! Yay!  I tried making this zigzag pattern friendship bracelet. I got confused after a few loops it's not perfect but I think it's still worth sharing ( haha xD ). Yeah I did not really took a lot of picutre of this because it can see mistakes everywhere! *wink*
Someday I would make this friendship bracelet, after I regain my self esteem! Kidding aside, I will try harder next time. 
I hope you like it (even if it's not the best! haha ) :) Have a great day, cheers!
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