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Amber Update! My Blythe doll

Amber Update!

So, as promised, here are some pictures of my little Blythe doll sweetheart, Amber! Yaaay!

I was really excited when I got her. We actually went to pick her up on our way to the office that morning. When I got home, I immediately played with her and took some pictures. As you can see with my last post, Blythe doll, Amber

After playing with her, I started sketching the first outfit I would make for her. Unfortunately, I can't seem to find where my sketch is after making the dress! (Typical me >_< ) I will update you if ever I find it.  

I decided to make a white doll dress with white high-waist short underneath. The front of the skirt is shorter and the back is longer, but not too long. I used a portable sewing machine on the upper part of the dress. The sleeves and the skirt are hand-sewn because I am not really good with handling the sewing machine. I find it hard to use especially with the round shapes.

I actually made a lot of mistakes! The first batch I made was a too small! I can't close the back. I forgot to add some allowance for sewing. Again, I was going to share the pictures but I can't find it! (Ugh!) i really need to be more organized! (*sigh)

I was not really able to document the step-by-step process because this is the first outfit that I made in a long time and I was not really sure what I was doing. The dress is not finished yet when I took these pictures, but I was too excited to try it on her! Anyway, here are some more the pictures! 


Yeah, it's not perfect, but hey I think it looks so cute on her! I will be posting some pictures of the finished white dress with all the laces I've added. :3

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So what do you think? I really hope you like it! Cheers!

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