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Blythe doll, Amber

Hey! Hey hey!

I got myself a Blythe doll! Yay! I'be been wanting to make dresses for Blythe dolls for a long time now and finally, my chance! :)

I'd like to intruduce to you, Amber! Here are some of her pictures!

Isn't she pretty!?! The yellow dress and the red shoes came with her. She has a default Blythe body. I named her Amber because of the color of her hair. It reminds me of amber. I really like the over-sized aqua ribbon of that dress. Don't you just love how it looks on her! 

By the time I post this, I'd already have some handmade clothes for her. This post is kind of late already but I thought I'd introduce to you my dolls in order of who I got first.    

I'm really glad I was able to find someone who sells this type of doll and can deliver to my country. It's really hard to find these kinds of dolls and way too expensive if I buy it here. I found some stores online and a lot of them are from abroad. I was too scared to try and order online and I was kind of avoiding going to the customs because they don't have good service. 

Anyway, I'll be posting more pictures of her and my other dolls soon. I'm really sorry if I wasn't posting crochet stuff that much lately but really, this time I did a lot of crochet projects and some other non-crochet projects. I will gladly share them to you soon.

By the way, if you are looking for this type of doll you can definitely find some here at Aliexpress ===>

I am affiliated with them and you would help me by clicking with the link above. I personally purchased from them and it was all good!

So yeah! This is my cutie Amber and I hope you like her! 

Have a great day! Cheers!

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