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My recent friendship bracelet projects

Hi everyone!

It's been a while since I've last updated you guys! I have been pretty cramped with work and to compensate for that, this post would be a little longer than most of my updates. Anyway, I've been making some friendship bracelets lately. Some of them are refurbished from my previous friendship bracelet projects. I hope you love them as much as I love making them!

►blue friendship bracelet - I've added some beads on the side and used a simple, circle metals as closure.

black and white friendship bracelet - to keep it simple, I used only two colors and sleek diamond-shaped closure. I forgot the pattern I used for this one!

macrame friendship bracelet - I used colorful threads for a tribal feel. I was planning to add beads and/or chains but decided to keep it simple. Should I add them on my the next macrame bracelet like this one? Please let me know. (Suggestions are always welcome! Leave it on the comments section.) Also, I used simple circle metal closure.

►loops macrame friendship bracelet - as the name suggests, these bracelet have lots of loops! For a girly vibe, I used some Barbie's signature color schemes! Lots of pink, of course! (Do you want me to make more of these in different color?)

turtle pattern friendship bracelet - yes, turtles! (I struggled with this pattern! I had to redo this a couple of times!) To keep it simple, I used sleek rectangular extensions and sleek, diamond-shaped metal closure.

diamond pattern macrame friendship bracelet - they look like stacked cubes. I made three variations for this pattern.


►mint waves friendship bracelet - I personally love this pattern! I'm not sure if it's called waves, but it sure looks like one. I also used sleek diamond-shaped closure for this.

►mint fish-bone pattern friendship bracelet - if it's not obvious yet, it looks like a fish-bone! I used simple metal closure.

►friendship bracelet with beads - this bracelet has vintage feel to it. Not sure if it's the beads or the color, maybe both?

►blue waves macrame friendship bracelet - the pattern looks like waves and it's blue (shades of blue)! I've added elegant-looking extensions and diamond-shaped closure with simple details. (The struggle is real on this pattern! But, really, once it's finished, a sense of fulfillment! :D )

►zigzag pattern friendship bracelet - another variation of zigzag friendship bracelets! (I love zigzag pattern!) Here, I used the color of ice (or water?) and fire!

►little brown heart friendship bracelet - I used simple closure for this one and added a simple little charm.

►butterfly charm, chevron friendship bracelet - a simple friendship bracelet and a cute butterfly charm! I used a fruity color scheme. (I could almost taste an apple! LOL)

►friendship bracelet - I forgot the pattern's name (usual me! *sigh*) Anyway, I like to keep the look as simple as I could so I only added simple closure.
►star charm, zigzag pattern friendship bracelet - (see, another variation of zigzag pattern!) I used pastel threads and a cute star charm. For added detail, I added thin chains on both sides of the bracelet.

So, what do you think? Did you like any particular friendship bracelet?

I would be posting some of the recent amigurumi dolls that I've made! Stay tuned guys! Oh, I am making more friendship bracelets! I am so excited to share them to you!

Have a great day! Cheers!

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